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Cousin Test

Private Knowledge DNA Cousin Test

Starting at $150

The DNA Cousin test provides the likelihood that individuals are first cousins. The DNA Cousin test is the least powerful of all of the relationship test types and should be chosen only if the aunt or uncle or the alleged parents are not available for testing. The DNA Parentage test, DNA Sibling test, DNA Grandparentage test and DNA Aunt/Uncle test are all more powerful and more discriminating than the DNA Cousin test, so the cousin test should only be considered if there is no possibility of taking the other relationship test types.

After ordering this test, a buccal swab collection kit will be sent to you. Follow the instructions provided in the kit to collect a fast and simple mouth swab sample from the alleged aunt or uncle and the nephew or niece using the swabs provided in the kit. The sample collection process is simple and painless and takes only a few seconds to complete. After sample collection, return the sample to the laboratory for testing using the return package included in the kit. Once the laboratory receives your samples, testing begins immediately and the results are available within 3 to 5 business days. The full genetic report and results document will be sent to you by mail and email.

What if the Cousins live in different cities?

If the individuals to be tested live in different addresses, the kit can be split and sent separately to each address. To request a split kit, please write "Split kit please" in the comments box of the order form. Please also indicate the name and shipping address for each individual's portion of the kit.

How does the DNA Cousin test work?

The DNA Cousin test examines the Autosomal STR markers in the alleged cousins and then compares them to generate a kinship index. If the kinship index value is greater than 1.00, it would indicate that the alleged aunt or uncle is more likely to biologically related . If the kinship index value is below 1.00, it would indicate that the individuals are more likely not to be biologically related. The higher the kinship index value is above 1.00, the greater the likelihood that the individuals are biologically related.

Can this test be used for second or third cousins?

No, this test is strictly for first cousins.

Is there an age limit?

No, the sample can be collected from individuals at any age, even newborns.

Is there a time limit for using the kit?

The unused kit will remain stable indefinitely at room temperature so you can use it at any time after you receive it. Once you open the kit and collect the samples, the sample will remain stable for at least 3 months after sample collection.

How long does the test take and how will I receive the results?

The turnaround time for testing is 3 to 5 business days after your samples arrive. At the time that you place the order, you can choose to receive your results by email, mail or both. If you had chosen email as the method for receiving your results, your results will be sent to you by email the same day that testing is completed.