About Genovate

Our laboratory specializes in providing state of the art DNA testing services to private, medical, legal, forensic and government clients across the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, and in most countries worldwide. We are committed to utilizing the most advanced testing technologies to ensure rapid turnaround times and guaranteed accuracy.

Our History

Our roots began as a legal and forensic DNA testing facility, performing advanced DNA analysis for government, hospitals, lawyers and law enforcement, and handling prestigious legal and high profile forensic casework. We were one of the first laboratories to implement buccal (mouth) swab DNA collection in routine casework almost two decades ago. We have stayed true to our mission to provide the latest DNA testing technology by developing new and advanced DNA tests through cutting-edge research and development.

Our Strengths

  • Simple Sample Collection – All DNA samples are collected using a quick and painless mouth swab. Samples can be taken from clients at any age.
  • Highest Accuracy – Our laboratory offers the highest quality DNA testing service with the highest level of accuracy. All sequencing and genotyping is fully automated. Our laboratory protocols ensure that each test is run two times, and our quality system exceeds industry standards.
  • Rapid Results – All samples are processed immediately upon receipt, ensuring that there is no delay in processing time.
  • Online Status Check and Results – Access the convenient online status check feature to check on the status of your test 24/7, and to download your results as soon as they become available using your secure password and file number.
  • 100% confidentiality – Whether you are using the results for court or for personal knowledge, our laboratory takes extreme measures to guarantee your privacy.
  • Research and Innovation – While we are best known for advanced molecular genetic testing services, we are also a world class research organization which develops new molecular genetic tests each year based on the latest genetic research findings, ensuring the most accurate and comprehensive DNA tests. Our dedicated Research and Development Department provides the latest DNA tests and assays when new technologies and discoveries become available.
  • Accreditations – We are one of the few laboratories in the world to receive all prestigious DNA laboratory accreditations: AABB, CAP, CLIA, SCC, and ISO17025, a testament of commitment to quality. All legal test reports exceed court recognition requirements.
  • Extensive Laboratory Network – Our laboratory has a network of over 3000 facilities worldwide for chain of custody specimen collection services for legal casework.