Legal DNA Tests

Legal DNA Relationship Tests are intended for use in court to prove or disprove a biological relationship. DNA samples for Legal DNA tests must be collected following strict chain-of-custody procedures at an approved legal collection facility.

Would you like to become an approved legal collection facility?
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Requirements for a Legal Collection Facility:
  • Secure storage for DNA samples before they are collected by a courier
  • Photocopier
  • Training provided by Genetrack Biolabs
  • Official DNA Sample Collection Kit provided by Genetrack Biolabs
DNA Sample Collection Kit:
This kit contains supplies for collecting DNA samples for up to 40 cases, and can be stored indefinitely at room temperature.
Kit contents:
  • Sterile buccal (mouth) swabs
  • Legally Admissible DNA Test Requisition Forms
  • Individually barcoded envelopes for returning samples for testing
  • Finger printing supplies
  • Complete sample collection instructions
Instructions for Legal DNA Testing
  1. Schedule an appointment with the family members for DNA sample collection. The clients must be instructed to bring two pieces of legal identification and a recent passport-sized photograph to the appointment.
  2. At the appointment: Complete the Legally Admissible DNA Test Requisition Form provided in the sample collection kit, ensuring that the requested DNA test type is selected. Obtain the DNA samples from your clients, following the chain-of-custody sample collection instructions provided in the sample collection kit.
  3. Arrange a courier to collect the DNA samples to return to our testing laboratory. The DNA samples must be stored securely before courier pick up.
  4. Log in to your Reseller Account to pay the lab fee (see details below).
  5. Testing begins immediately once the samples arrive at our laboratory. As soon as the results report is generated, it is available in your online Reseller Account and sent to the email and/or mailing address specified in the DNA Test Requisition Form.
Paying the Lab Fee:
The laboratory fees for Legal DNA Relationship Tests must be paid online before testing will begin. Log in to your Reseller Account to pay the Legal Test lab fee and to activate the test. All supply envelopes are individually barcoded, and it is essential for Resellers to ensure that the correct supplies are activated. For questions about activating a kit, send us an email at

See our FAQ page for more information.